Jefferson Parish takes advantage of Central Bidding's stand-alone solution.

Jefferson Parish Selects Central Bidding

Posted on January 27, 2014

Baton Rouge, Louisiana –October 31, 2013 Central Bidding, a division of Central Auction House, Ltd has been selected by the Jefferson Parish Government to design and implement a custom programmed, cloud-based, Electronic-Procurement solution for public bids.

Jefferson Parish processes an estimated 3,000 public bids annually. Jefferson Parish determined that they needed to improve the efficiency of processing these bids in order to reduce the costs of the bids submitted and to increase the vendor participation in a transparent and open manner for their residents. After an exhaustive, nationwide request for proposal process that took more than one year, Central Bidding was selected from six companies as the company that presented the best opportunity available to custom program a cloud-based, e-procurement solution.

“This custom programmed, stand-alone solution for Jefferson Parish is incorporating cutting edge technologies that will set a new standard for cloud-based, e-Procurement solutions throughout the country,” said Trey Rogillio, CEO Central Bidding.

The new interface allows for the implementation of Software as a Service, Cloud Based, e-Procurement technology to interface with the existing Jefferson Parish application through their accounting programs. This provides the parish with a seamless; procure-to-pay solution that does not require the purchase of an entirely new program or the necessity to re-train all of the employees on the system.

Jefferson Parish is now automated throughout the process as this technology “bridged” the gap in their existing systems. The new, modernized Jefferson Parish procurement service opens the entire procure-to-pay process to the Jefferson Parish Community which results in additional vendor participation, reduced procurement costs and significantly lower transaction costs for the parish.

Central Bidding’s proprietary technologies additionally assure that vendors receive addendum notifications for public bids viewed on the web site, and allow vendors electronic bid submission capabilities to all Louisiana Political Subdivisions they serve.

Central Bidding is a Baton Rouge, LA company that hosts cloud based E-procurement solutions for 265 Louisiana Political Subdivisions. Since 2007, Central Bidding has processed more than $10 billion worth of vendor bids for the Louisiana Political Subdivisions. The programming and implementation of the Jefferson Parish stand - alone solution allows Central Bidding to grow in to the custom programmed, procure-to-pay market place.

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