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For any questions, please contact Bradley Williams at Claiborne Parish School Board (318) 927-3502.

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RJYoung on 26-Sep-2022 04:08:19 PM
1. To confirm what Bradley relayed at the site walk regarding footage retention, most schools do 30-days of camera retention. Can you confirm that you are open to seeing a proposal with 30-days of footage retention + 30-days of cloud storage for all footage instead of 90-days? 2. Are we able to submit 2 proposal options within a single bid? (i.e., 30-day retention pricing vs. 90-day retention pricing)? 3. The RFP calls for 5-years of licensing. Are you open to seeing a 10-year option as well? (Something that will cover all costs related to your security cameras for a full decade.) 4. Are vendors required to include the cost of their maintenance contract for the 5-years as a part of this bid submission if a maintenance contract is required by said vendor? 5. Can you confirm that you require these bids to be a cloud-based solution, not including any kind of on-premise NVRs/DVRs for storage? 6. Do these proposals require the ability for local law enforcement to get instant access to campus footage/events in the case of an emergency situation?
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