Cleaning, Painting, and Miscellaneous Repairs to Various Fire Stations Attachment: specsbid,130718.pdf 
Louisiana > Lafourche Parish Fire District No. 3
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This project generally consists of cleaning, painting, and the miscellaneous repair to various fire stations in the southern Lafourche area.

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A pre-bid conference has been scheduled for 2:30pm, Wednesday, August 14, 2013, at the Lafourche Parish Fire District No. 3 office, 17462 West Main Street, Galliano, Louisiana.
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kerryajones on 29-Jul-2013 08:34:50 PM
Did site visits a various locations and noticed that several of the metal sheeting was rusted beyond repair. In addition, one location had a large tree with electrical lines running through it and they both would impede contractor from getting to that side of that building. Since this is not addressed in the specs, will be addressed prior to bidding or will change orders be needed.
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12-Aug-2013 09:56:31 AM
Scheduled pre-bid conference.
26-Jul-2013 09:22:30 AM
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Bid Attachments NEW LIMITS ENTERPRISE, LLC =SEALED= 26-Aug-2013 04:12:59 PM
New Limits Enterprise, LLC
P. O. Box 641707
Kenner, LA 70064
Louisiana State Contractor's License No. 48344

SEALED BID FOR: Lafourche Parish Fire District No. 3
PROJECT: Cleaning, Painting, and Miscellaneous Repairs
DATE: 8/26/2013
TIME: 6:30 P.M.

OWNER: Board of Commissioners
Lafourche Parish Fire Protection District No. 3
P. O. Box 910
Galliano, LA 70354
Delivery: 120 Days
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