Four 2023 Unused Tahoe's
Mississippi > Hancock County
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Vehicle Specifications
PEG: 1FL - Commercial / Fleet Preferred Equipment Group
Trim: H1T - 1WT/1FL-Cloth, Jet Black, Interior Trim
Primary Color: GAZ - Summit White Engine: L84 - Engine: 5.3L, EcoTec3 V-8, DI, Dynamic Fuel Mgt, V V T
Transmission: MHU - Transmission, 10sp, 10L80 Gen 2
Ordered Options: 5J3: Calibration, Surveillance Mode Int. Lighting (SEO) 5LO: (SEO) Calibration, taillamp
flasher, Red/Red 6J4: (SEO) Wiring - Horn/Siren Circuit 6N5: (SEO) Rear Window Switches, Inoperative
7X3: (SEO) Spot lamp, Left-hand LED A2X: Power Seat Adjuster (Driver's Side) AT6: Seat, 2nd row 60/40
Bench, manual ATH: Keyless Open & Keyless Start AY0: Airbags-frontal, front seat side-impact and roof-rail
BCV: (SEO) Calibration, Rear Door Auto Lock Disable BVE: Assist Steps, Black C6C: GVW Rating 7400 Lbs
D75: DP6: Mirrors, Outside, Body Color Cap GU5: Rear Axle: 3.23 Ratio K34: Cruise Control
KC4: Cooler, Engine Oil KNP: Transmission Cooling 5J9: Calibration, Taillamp Flasher, Red/White (SEO)
6J3: (SEO) Wiring - Grille Lamp and Speakers 6J7: (SEO) Flasher System, Headlamp and tail lamp
6N6: (SEO) Rear Door Locks, Inoperative 9C1: Police Package AKO: Glass, Deep Tinted ATD: Seat Delete:
Third RowAU3: Power Door Locks AZ3: Seats: Front 40/20/40 Split-Bench, Full Feature BG9: Floor Covering: Rubberized Vinyl, Black C49: Defogger, Rear Window, Electric CJ2: Climate Control, Electronic - Multizone
DLF: Mirrors, O/S: Power, Heated FE9: Federal Emissions IOR: Chevrolet Infotainment, 7" Color Screen
K47: Heavy Duty Air Filter KI4: 120 Volt Electrical Receptacle, In Cab KX4: Alternator, 250 AMP
P0W: OnStar Vehicle Insights 2 Years of Service PXT: Wheels: 20" Steel R6Q: Processing Option System
N37: Steering Column, Manual Tilt & Telescoping P1S: OnStar Additional 21 months of Fleet Assurance
R6J: Ship Thru Code Acknowledgement R7L: RNQ: Wheel, 20" Full size spare, steel T8Z: Buckle-To-Drive
U2J: SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Delete UDD: Driver Info Display UK3: Radio Controls -Steering Wheel
USR: USB Data ports, 2 within center console UTJ: Theft Protection System, Unauthorized Entry
V03: Cooling system, extra capacity VPV: WUA: Fascia, Front, custom YK6: SEO Processing Option
Z82: Trailering Package

Service that will be provided by any GM dealer in North America.

Availabe for pickup within 5 days of receipt of a purchase order. 

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