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The Cleveland School District (CSD) is soliciting sealed competitive proposals for the services per the specifications stated elsewhere in this solicitation document. Proposals shall be submitted to with the offeror's name and address and proposal number (RFP #2021-2022 - CSD Proposal for ESSER II funded HVAC Replacement and other projects)
Proposals will be received through the link until 12:00 PM, June 16, 2021. Proposals will be opened as received. Prices will not be read, nor disclosed in any other manner until the award is made.
Faxed and mailed proposals will not be accepted. Proposals must be submitted within sufficient time to be received and time-stamped at the above location on or before the published date and time shown on the RFP.  CSD will not be responsible for mail delivered from the post office. Vendors must submit sealed proposals with any material required by this RFP by the time and date specified.
This RFP will not be distributed in paper form. All distributions will be through the link on the District's website.
The RFP contains all necessary information to submit a proposal to the District. Please review it carefully, and if specific questions arise, forward them to the email address listed herein, or fax with an email to confirm receipt.

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