Student Assessment Software Package - Benchmark Assessments and Instructional Assessments with Data Tracking Capabilities
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Purpose of RFP:  The district is requesting proposals/quotes for a software package that will:   allow teachers to choose items from a test bank to create teacher-made assessments; track student assessment data and predict student results; provide benchmark assessments to mirror state assessments.       

Service Specifications:
*provide a software package for creating and administering student assessments and tracking student assessment data in the areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, History and Science.  Benchmark assessments should also be included.  
*integrate state testing data for tracking and predicting student data
*assist the schools’ and district leadership teams in using assessment data to include state, school, district data, or other sources to help facilitate regular data meetings. 
Student enrollment is as follows:
630 – 2nd grade
660 – 3rd grade
620 – 4th grade
620 – 5th grade
600 – 6th grade
660 – 7th grade
675 – 8th grade
approx. 600 English II
approx.  600 Biology
approx.  525 US History
approx.  575 Algebra

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