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Vocational Technical Laboratory Building - Grand Lake High School, Grand Lake, LA - Bid No. 2010-07-02 Attachment: bids for gl vocational technical laboratory building - 7-21-10 (2).pdf 
Central Bidding Category: Cameron Parish School Board
Sealed Bid: 17611069

Listing Information
Sealed Bids will be received by the Cameron Parish School Board as follows: Vocational Technical Laboratory Building - Grand Lake High School Bid No. 2010-07-02 under the Community Development Block Grant Program for Fiscal Year 2010 to be financed by the State of Louisiana CDBG Program. Proposals shall be addressed to the Cameron Parish School Board, and delivered to 510 Marshall Street, Cameron, LA 70631, Room 216 not later than 2:00p.m. on July 21, 2010.
Additional information may be obtained from Moss Architects, Inc., located at 3221 Ryan Street, Suite B, Lake Charles, LA 70601.
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Started: 26-Jun-2010 11:04:04 PM
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