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City of Tuscaloosa Invitation to Bid for Auto Parts for Police Department Fleet - Bid No. 5010-101821-1.
See attached bid documents for details. 

GENERAL INFORMATION: This bid is for Auto Parts and Filters to be purchased by the City of Tuscaloosa Police Department fleet maintenance shop located at 3801 Trevor S. Phillips Avenue in Tuscaloosa.  It is not anticipated that other City departments will utilize the contract resulting from award of this bid.  However, the awarded bidder(s) will be required to extend these same prices and terms to other City departments if needed.
QUANTITIES: The quantities to be purchased are not known.  There are no guarantees that the City will purchase any specified quantities.  All orders will be placed by the City on an as needed basis.
ITEM CONDITION: All products must be new, never previously used, and the current model and/or packaging.  No remanufactured, demonstrator, sample, used, or irregular products will be considered for purchase under the terms of this contract.
BID SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: The brands and part numbers specified on the Bid Submission Worksheets are preferred by the City based on quality and prior performance.  If a bidder submits a bid for brands/part numbers other than those specified in this bid, the bidder must include full manufacturer’s published technical specifications with their bid.  Failure to comply with this requirement will eliminate your bid from consideration for award.
Bidder shall include the brands and part numbers being bid on the Bid Submission Worksheet pages in the spaces provided.  If no brands/part numbers are specified, the City will assume that bidder intends to furnish the brand/part number specified.  Failure to comply with this requirement may eliminate your bid from consideration for award.
Upon evaluation by City personnel, any parts bid that are not deemed equal to or better than the specified parts/part numbers will not be considered for award.  The burden of proof is on the bidder to show that alternate brands/part numbers are equal to or better than those specified in this bid.
Special Note for Alternate Brand Bids: If a brand/part submitted for consideration is available in multiple quality levels – i.e. Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze – the bidder must submit a bid for the highest quality level available.  Bids for less than the highest quality level will not be considered.  Additionally, if awarded a bid for any such alternate brand/part number, any attempt to deliver any part less than the highest quality level part will result in immediate termination of bid award.
BID AWARD: Bid items are grouped into schedules by product group/type.  It is the City’s intention to award this bid by schedule.  In order to be considered for award of a schedule, bidder should submit a bid for all items in that schedule.  However, the City reserves the right to make award by item or group of items if it is in the best interest of the City to do so. 
The parts/supplies listed in the bid are the ones most commonly purchased by the City.  If awarded a schedule, bidder(s) must agree to extend similar pricing/discounts for those same product types in sizes/models not specifically listed.  For example, if awarded the schedule for Belts & Tensioners, awarded bidder will sell belts & tensioners in sizes/models not listed in the bid at the same price/discount levels as the sizes listed in the bid.
The City intends to award this bid to Primary Bidder(s).  The City may also choose to make an award to a Secondary Bidder to be used in the event the Primary Bidder is unable to provide an item within a reasonable amount of time as determined by the City.  The Secondary Bidder (if applicable) shall be obligated to all applicable terms and conditions contained herein.  By submitting a bid, all bidders agree to become Secondary Bidder if determined as such by the City. 
Awarded bidders not honoring bid prices for the entire contract period will have their bid award rescinded for the remainder of the awarded contract period.
UNBALANCED BIDDING: The City will reject any bid that is unbalanced if it is in the best interest of the City to do so.  A bid will be considered unbalanced when, in the opinion of the Purchasing Agent, the bid allocates a disproportionate share of costs to the price of one or more bid items in order to reduce the costs to the price of another bid item or items, and if there is a reasonable possibility that the bid will not result in the lowest overall cost to the City.
DELIVERIES: Bid prices shall include delivery to the Police Department Fleet Maintenance Shop (or other City location, if applicable) within one hour of placement of order. 

Additional Notes/Requirements
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