#2261 Prescott Road Conversion Phase 1 - 12.5kV Feeder Construction & Breaker #2 Conversion Attachment: Bid #2261 Prescott Road Conversion Bid Package.pdf 
Louisiana > City of Alexandria
Sealed Bid: 23006557
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Sealed bids for, PRESCOTT ROAD CONVERSION PHASE I – 12.5kV FEEDER CONSTRUCTION & BREAKER #2 CONVERSION, will be received by the CITY OF ALEXANDRIA at the CITY COUNCIL MEETING CHAMBERS, ALEXANDRIA CITY HALL, ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA, until 10:00 AM CST CDT, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2019, and then at said office publically opened and read aloud.

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22-Aug-2019 12:12:54 PM
Estimates for Alternates 1 and 2 added
22-Aug-2019 10:30:01 AM
Added Addendum #1 and Alternate #1 and Alternate #2