Lake Borgne Basin Levee District Violet Canal North Realignment Attachment: LBBLD 4081204 Violet Canal Phase II Plans.pdf 
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This work is for the construction of an earthen levee near the Violet Canal of Lake Borgne Basin Levee District (LBBLD). Construction will consist of clearing and grubbing, excavation and hauling, placing and compacting soil, and seeding to form the levee as shown on the plans. It also includes concrete work for the closure structures, providing stoplogs and installing precast concrete sheet piles and steel sheet piles, asphalt pavement and installing object markers.

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Bidders are responsible for attending a MANDATORY PRE-BID MEETING on Tuesday December 19, 2017 at 9:30 AM (CDT). The meeting will be held at Lake Borgne Basin Levee District’s conference room, 6136 East Saint Bernard Highway, Violet, Louisiana, 70092. Any prospective bidder not in attendance will not be allowed to bid on the project. Bids shall be accepted only from those bidders who attend the Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference in its entirety. A jobsite visit will be conducted by LBBLD immediately after the mandatory Pre-Bid Conference. Participation in the jobsite visit is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. T h e visit will facilitate access to project features that may not otherwise be accessible to prospective bidders.
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Can you please provide the pre bid meeting sign-in sheet
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