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PUBLIC NOTICE SALE OF MOTORCYCLES AND VEHICLES The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office offers for sale to the highest bidder, payable in cash, as is, the following: Year Make/Model Mileage Vin number Condition 2004 HARLEY DAVIDSON 48900 1HD1FHW174Y740281 RUNNING 2005 HARLEY DAVIDSON 39300 1HD1FHW116Y658873 RUNNING 2005 HARLEY DAVIDSON 32515 1HD1FHW176Y658280 RUNNING 2005 HARLEY DAVIDSON 51301 1HD1FHW106Y658685 RUNNING Year Make Model Mileage Vin number Condition 1987 Chevy P/U 112435 1GCEV14Z8HF369512 RUNNING 1995 Chevy P/U 232698 1GCEC19H95E148634 NOT RUNNING 1999 Ford C.V. 155182 2FAFP7IWXXX196791 RUNNING 1999 Ford C.V. 173405 2FAFP71W5XX196813 NOT RUNNING 1999 Ford C.V. 178936 2FAFP71W8XX196806 RUNNING 1999 Ford C.V. 158208 2FAFP71W4XX196799 NOT RUNNING 2000 Ford C.V. 149741 2FAFP71W7YX119359 RUNNING 2000 Ford C.V. 220116 2FAFP71W7YX119362 RUNNING 2000 Ford C.V. 138300 2FAFP71W3YX119360 RUNNING 2001 Ford C.V. 139917 2FAFP71W11X183094 RUNNING 2001 Ford C.V. 173430 2FAFP71W31X183095 RUNNING 2001 Ford C.V. 157881 2FAFP71W81X183092 RUNNING 2001 Ford C.V. 140656 2FAFP71W01X113649 RUNNING 2001 Ford C.V. 144120 2FAFP71W21X183105 RUNNING 2001 Ford C.V. 112587 2FAFP71W21X183086 RUNNING 2001 Ford C.V. 160421 2FAFP71W91X113651 RUNNING 2002 Ford C.V. 184121 2FAFP71W63X118857 RUNNING 2003 Ford F-150 124000 1FTRX17W03NB25476 RUNNING The above may be viewed at the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office Mechanic Shop at 13192 Airline Highway, Gonzales, LA 70737. Bids will be opened at the Sheriff’s Office, Courthouse Building, 300 Houmas St, Suite.E, Donaldsonville, 70346, Monday February 1, 2010, 10:00 AM. All bids must be in a sealed envelope, marked “Sealed Bid on Motor Cycles/Vehicles” and delivered or mailed to the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office, 300 Houmas St, Suite E, or P.O. Box 268, Donaldsonville, LA 70346 in time for bid opening. The right is reserved to reject any/or all bids. Jeffrey, F. Wiley, Sheriff Gonzales Weekly-Citizen, Jan. 15. 22. 29, 2010

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