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The proposed project includes bid documents for the design and construction of the repairs to the East Small Craft Harbor. The work involves furnishing of materials, equipment, labor, and incidentals necessary to perform services including but not limited to: selective demolition and reconstruction of concrete sidewalks/slope paving; reconstruction of concrete utility chase panels on the Seafood Processor’s Access Bridge and the commercial and pleasure-craft piers; reconstruction of the three (3) handicapped fishing platforms on the West Breakwater Wall; construct concrete footings and stabilization of the handicapped access ramp for the West Breakwater Wall; miscellaneous concrete repairs to the concrete stemwall adjacent to the Seafood Processor’s Access Bridge; repair and re-installation of the metal handrail on the top of the stemwall; replace temporary jersey barriers with permanent jersey barriers, including an alternate to replace the permanent Jersey Barriers with a slip-formed concrete barrier rail.

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