Terminal Area Parking Rehabilitation Project, AIP Project No. 3-33-0072-09-2022
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ELECTRONIC BIDS for the construction of “AIP Project No. 3-22-0072-09-2022, State Project No. TBD, Thibodaux Municipal Airport (L83), Terminal Area Parking Rehabilitation Project” will be received electronically by the City of Thibodaux until 2:00 P.M. local time on August 12, 2022, at which time bids will be retrieved from the Central Auction House (CAH) website and read aloud at the City Council Meeting Room, located on the second floor of 310 West 2nd St, Thibodaux, LA 70301. Only electronic bids submitted on www.centralbidding.com will be accepted. NO hard copy paper bid packages will be accepted.
Bid Documents are available for download and examination beginning at 2:00 PM on July 18, 2022, at CAH’s website at www.centralbidding.com.  To view the bidding documents, download, and receive notices by e-mail, you must register with CAH.  For information about the electronic submittal process, contact Central Auction House at 1-866-570-9620. Hard copies of bid documents will not be distributed.
Project Name:             AIP Project No. 3-22-0072-09-2022
                                    State Project No. TBD
                                    Thibodaux Municipal Airport (L83)
Terminal Area Parking Rehabilitation Project
Project Description:    The work consists of providing all equipment, labor, and material necessary for the construction of an asphalt parking area, asphalt driveway, concrete sidewalk, and aggregate surfacing at the Thibodaux Municipal Airport.
Please contact Philip Chauvin at 985-223-9228 or by email at philip.chauvin@tbsmith.com for any clarification or information with regard to the Bid Documents.
Bids must be submitted on the Louisiana Uniform Public Works Bid Form furnished with the Bidding Documents. Bid Documents will be issued only to contractors and/or subcontractors licensed in accordance with the provisions of RS 37:2150 through 2173 of the Louisiana Legislature.  Contractors desiring to bid shall note their Louisiana Contractor’s License Number as evidence that they hold a license in HIGHWAY, STREET AND BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION that is in full force and effect. 
Bidder/Contractor are required to submit written evidence of authority to bid in accordance with LA RS 38:2212 (B) (5).
All bids must be in compliance with the bidding procedures adopted by the City of Thibodaux as set forth in the General Contract Provisions.
All bids must be accompanied by a Certified Check, Cashier's Check or Bid Bond in the amount of five (5%) percent of the amount of the proposal made payable to the Owner. Sureties used for obtaining bonds must appear as acceptable on the U.S. Department of the Treasury Circular 570.  Failure to do so will result in the bid/bids being declared nonresponsive and shall be cause for rejection.
A bid will be considered responsive if it conforms in all respects with the conditions and requirements of the Bidding Documents.To be considered responsive, the Louisiana Uniform Public Works Bid Form must; (a) be fully completed, signed and be responsive in all respects to the Bidding Documents; (b) be made on the Bid Forms provided.
The City of Thibodaux reserves the right to waive any informally or irregularity in any bid to reject any and all bids received in accordance with State Public Bid Law.
Award of contract is also subject to the following Federal Contract Provisions and requirements.  These requirements are further detailed within the Specifications.    
The proposed contract is under and subject to Executive Order 11246 of September 24, 1965, and to the Equal Opportunity Clause.  The Bidder’s attention is called to the “Equal Opportunity Clause” and the “Standard Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Construction Contract Specifications” set forth in the Specifications.
The proposed contract is subject to the Buy American Preference requirement in 49 USC § 50101.
The City of Thibodaux in accordance with the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (78 Stat. 252, 42 USC §§ 2000d to 2000d-4) and the Regulations, hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively ensure that any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvantaged business enterprises will be afforded full and fair opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in consideration for an award.
The project is subject to the requirements of the Davis-Bacon Act, as amended.  The Contractor is required to comply with wage and labor provisions and to pay minimum wages in accordance with the schedule of wage rates established by the United States Department of Labor. 
By submitting a bid under this solicitation, the bidder certifies that neither it nor its principals nor subcontractors are presently debarred or suspended by any Federal department or agency from working on this project.
Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Goal Requirements as defined in 49 CFR Part 26 have been established by the City of Thibodaux will be a part of the contract.
By submitting a bid under this solicitation, the bidder certifies that it complies with the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act as defined in 29 CFR Part 201, Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
By submitting a bid under this solicitation, the bidder certifies that it complies with Trade Restriction Certifications as defined in 49 CFR Part 30, Certifications Regarding Lobbying as defined in 49 CFR Part 20 and Procurement of Recovered Materials as defined in 40 CFR Part 247.

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