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Container Handling Reach Stacker for  Barge  Loading/Unloading 

The Port of Greater Baton Rouge desires to purchase one Taylor XHRS-9985 Container Handling Reach Stacker for Barge Loading/Unloading, or approved equal as determined by the Port’s Engineer. The Model has been specified to denote the quality standard of product desired and they do not restrict bidders to the specific brand, make, manufacturer, or specification named; they are used only to set forth and convey to prospective bidders the general style, type, character, and quality of product desired; and that equivalent products will be acceptable.If bidder offers an alternative item not listed in this proposal, bidder shall include make, model number, and description of said item(s). Additionally, the bidder shall provide a certificate from an Engineer Licensed to practice in Louisiana that the alternative item is an equivalent and that it meets all the requirements of the General and Technical Specifications. 

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