Meraux Foundation Terraces (LA-228-1)
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Ducks Unlimited, Inc., the Nation's leader in wetland conservation, is seeking bids for the Meraux Foundation Terraces project.  We are having a MANDATORY pre-bid meeting and site showing to interested contractors from our bidders list at 2:00PM on September 13, 2022.  We will meet at the Parish Launch off Paris Rd. as shown in the Plans to travel to the project site.  Please see Sheet 3 of the plans.  Ducks Unlimited will escort interested contractors to the site.  Please bring your own personal flotation device and shallow draft vessel, airboats are allowed.
The work on this project consists of constructing and planting 30,500 LF of marsh terraces and 4,000 LF of planting berms.  This work shall also include performing the necessary items outlined in the plans and specifications and associated with constructing the project according to the plans.  Contract completion time is 180 calendar days. Bids shall be submitted online through Central Bidding by 12:00 P.M. CST on September 23, 2022. Anticipated Notice to Proceed timeframe is October of 2022.

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