Child Nutrition Program Food and Supplies Bid 2010-2011 Attachment: bid cover sheets 2010 2011.pdf 
City of Baker School System
Solicitation: 28020056
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The bid openings will be held at the City of Baker School System School Board Office, located at 3033 Ray Weiland Drive, Baker, La 70714 at 1 p.m. on July 26,2010. If there are any questions, please call Henry Belin (225) 774-5795. The Public is invited to all bid openings.
All bids shall be submitted sealed to the above address on or before the time and date of the opening. Enclosed are the General Rules, Conditions and Instructions, Bid Specifications, Proposal Forms and the Contract Section.

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POSEN on 13-Jul-2010 09:59:02 AM
WHAT IS THE AVERAGE QUANTITY TAKEN AT ONE TIME FOR THE PLASTIC SHEET AND FREEZER BAGS? Please give me the past history for the above ITEMS which should include the previous vendor’s name, what they quoted, on what quantity they quoted and the month and year it was quoted on.
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