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Marshall County, Mississippi is requesting your bid on all or any of the items, or
equipment listed in the attached specifications.
Bids will be received until Monday, 10:00 A. M., October 18, 2021 and opened
immediately thereafter .
Bids are to be submitted sealed and in duplicate to:
County Administrator Marshall County Mississippi
Post Office Box 219
Holly Springs, Mississippi 38635 or bids may be submitted electronically at
Envelope containing bids will be plainly marked in lower left corner.
Prices bid shall be F O.B. Holly Springs, Mississippi, and must include any pre-
delivery and/or set-up charges, title and inspection where applicable.
No responsibility will attach to any person or persons employed by the Board for
premature opening of any bid not properly addressed and the identified as stipulated
Bids must be withdrawn upon written notice or upon telegraphic request received
from bidder prior to the time and date so designated for the opening by may not be
thereafter withdrawn for thirty (30) days.
The Marshall County Board of Supervisors reserves the right to determine which
is the lowest and best bid and to accept or reject any or all bids on any part of any or all
bids based on that determination.
Prices bid shall be firm without reservation as to change subsequent to date of bid
opening and shall remain so for the duration of the Contract as set forth in the  specifications. In the event that no Item Contract is involved, orders shall be placed with
successful bidder within thirty (30) days of the bid opening or this clause shall be
considered void.
It shall be incumbent upon each bidder to understand the specifications as listed
herein and to obtain clarification when necessary .It is not the intent of the specifications
to limit the bidding to any make or manufacture of equipment or items of commodity, but
rather to select such equipment and/or commodities to fill a specific need and perform a
specific task. Any reference to name brand equipment or commodities is intended to
establish standards only and bids submitted on equipment and commodities equal thereto
shall be received and considered.
The bidder agrees to all provisions set forth above and agrees to deliver those
items, on which he is the awarded bidder, in accordance with these instructions.
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