500,000 Gallon Elevated Water Tower Repair & Renovations
Louisiana > City of Ponchatoula
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The project will consist of the cleaning and painting of the interior and exterior of an existing 500,000 gallon multi-leg elevated water tower in Ponchatoula, LA.? In addition to the cleaning and painting, minor repairs will be made to the tower, including but not limited to, replacing the existing vent, replacing all threaded fasteners, repairing/replacement of the existing access ladders, repair of the existing balcony platform, addition of a mid-rail to the existing handrail assembly, repair/replacement of all existing clips on the influent pipe, and replacement of the existing overflow pipe.? The existing tank coating does contain lead levels above regulated levels, as such, all blasting operations will be subject to applicable State and OSHA regulations, and the General Contractor shall be a Registered Louisiana Contractor certified in Lead Based Paint-Abatement.? ? ?

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