DINING FACILITY AND CATERING SERVICES Attachment: 2016-Dining and Catering RFP-080216.pdf 
St. Bernard Dept. of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
RFP: 29087787
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The Proposer of this service shall provide any and/or all dinning facility or catering services necessary to support emergency operations.  These services shall be provided at the location(s) identified by the St. Bernard Parish Emergency Operations Center.  Vendors bidding this portion of a base camp project should consider the follow when giving a price.
Pricing should include the following considerations when bidding this portion of the contract:
1. Mobilization/Demobilization
2. activation, site deployment
3. set up of tents for dining, kitchen, and /or storage
4. payroll of dinning and kitchen staff
5. Pricing for meals include all costs of doing business including but not limited to the following:Labor,overhead,profit,travel time, set up time, and tear down time, service charges,Gratuity,delivery,potable water,grey water, Fuel Costs,( propane, diesel) Generators, kitchen tent, kitchen equipment, food products, and transportation. Dinning tent, tables, chairs, separate hand washing stations for guests and staff.
6. Employees of vendors must be drug free and do not have a propensity for illegal and /or violent behavior.
7. Suppliers awarded contact would allow client to conduct drug testing for the following substances at vendor’s expense on employees that exhibited signs of the following: Marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, phencyclidine.
8. Supplier/Vendor must provide a safety first work environment
Meals must be balanced and provide enough food for 1 ½ meal portions per person
Dietary requests must be made available for clients with special needs
Gator Aide and Water must be available at all meal times. Water must be available 24 hours.
Breakfast requirements:
Hot and cold choices each day
Eggs or egg casserole
French toast waffles or pancakes daily
Breakfast meat each day
Potatoes and/or grits
Breakfast bakeries
Assorted fruit juice
Water, Gator Aide
Whole milk 2 percent, milk chocolate milk
Coffee, tea, decaf cream sugar and sweet and low
Boxed lunches available to go to the field given 12 hour notice after breakfast service
Sandwiches and soups
Warm entrees during colder months
Assorted cold salads
Pudding packs
Whole fresh fruit
Candy bars
Power bars/cookies
Dinner Requirements
Two entrees
Green Salad
 Two Vegetables
Whole fruit
All disposable products i.e.: plates, cups, cutlery kits, table coverings provided by caterer
All small wears provided by caterer at their expense
Assorted soft drinks, lemonade, Ice Tea, Water, Gator Aide Coffee available at Lunch and dinner
Calorie intake available to guest will be 2500 to 3000 per guest per day
Electrolyte replacement available with Gator Aide
Potassium replacement provided with bananas, potatoes and orange juice
Dinning tent and Kitchen Tents should have washable floors, lighting, and weather proof siding
Temperature controlled environment via Air conditioning and or heat as necessary, with generators and all necessary equipment to maintain dinning and kitchen tents
Pricing should be price in tiers of:
100 to 200
200 to 400
400 to 700
700 to 1000
1000 to 1500
Pricing should be based on 30 day contracts with renewable options of reducing pricing should project go longer than 60 days
Equipment pricing should be priced per month.food per person per day.
10 day notice of project ending to be given to vendors.
Billing every 15 days and monies wired on 30th day.

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