2022-2023 Street Lighting Maintenance and Repair in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana Attachment: 2021-10-13 2022-2023 Street Light Maintenance Project Manual.pdf 
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The Parish of Lafourche is requesting bids for the repair and maintenance of the Parish’s street lighting system as well as for other electrical installations and repairs on a Parish-wide basis. This will allow the Parish to secure a licensed and qualified repair and maintenance Electrical Contractor for the street lighting system and other electrical needs throughout the Parish identified in the attached document.
In an attempt to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the street lighting system at the minimum cost, the Parish of Lafourche is soliciting bids from all interested licensed and qualified Contractors. The selected Contractor will provide all labor, materials, and equipment for the repair and maintenance of the street lighting system. Materials will be provided by the Contractor unless otherwise stated in the attached contract documents. An inventory of any Parish-owned materials shall be maintained by the Contractor and confirmed on a monthly basis. The Bid shall include provision for regular repair and maintenance of the Lafourche Parish Street Lighting System as described in Section G of the attached documents, as well as preventative maintenance which will include the conversion of High Pressure Sodium fixtures (heads), and the rebuilding of underground conduit and wire where such wiring has deteriorated beyond repair. Additionally, the bid may provide for the installation of new systems when approved by the Solid Waste Manager and the Lighting Coordinator or his designated representative.

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