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This Request for Proposals (RFP) is issued by the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office (hereinafter sometimes referred to as OPSO) for the purpose of soliciting competitive proposals from bona fide, qualified proposers who are interested in operating a Transitional Work Program.

The Contractor shall operate a TWP work release facility for up to 182 adult offenders in accordance with La. R.S.15:1111, 1119, 1135 and other applicable laws, Department Regulations, ALL Standard Operating Procedures and Disciplinary Rules & Procedures for Adult Offenders (Offender Rule Book).

Pre-Proposal tours will be held on Thursday, June 13th and Friday, June 14th, 2017.  Interested parties shall submit a request for a tour on the public message board.

Please access the public message board below so that all interested parties are kept up to date on all information, questions, and answers concerning this proposal request.

Additional Notes/Requirements
Questions/Answers concerning this RFP: 1. Is there a current security staffing requirement per offender for this project (i.e. 1:100)? The OPSO uses a direct supervision model with one guard per housing unit. If the entirety of building 4 of the TDC facility is utilized (there are 2 housing units in building 4), two FTE positions will be utilized 24 hours a day. 2. Is there any requirements for staff security wise (certifications) that will be required? For instance correctional techs at our Florida work release facilities and there is not certification requirement. The security staff will be required to complete the 96 hour OPSO training course which all of our in-service and civilians receive. 3. Which facility is being utilized for this program, the TDC facility or the Work Release building? The TDC facility (TDC=Temporary Detention Center) is currently being utilized. 4. Does the McDaniel Center have adequate kitchen space or does the Sheriff provide the food? The McDaniel Center has a small kitchen area, but meals are contracted with CBM Managed Services, and delivered three times daily to the facilities. 5. Is the Sheriff amenable to allow the program to continue at the TDC facility? Yes, he is. 6. Can we turn in more than one option for a budget based on level of services provided? If you feel that it would allow our proposal team a better ability to judge your response, please do not hesitate. Sometimes showing multiple options and flexibility helps establish a better picture for the proposal team. 7. Does the proposal have to be double spaced or can I do single spaced? I believe that it is a personal opinion to do either. I would keep the proposal organized and efficiently laid out, but keep within the thirty (30) page limit. 8. Can we create the budget to an excel format and if so does it have to be exactly the same with the four headings (i.e., administrative, programmatic, annual etc..) or can we breakdown on the left column and explain the costs? That would be fine to provide the information in an excel format with additional headings and breakdowns, but I would still use the format provided for the summary of your information. 9. Do we need to provide our own passenger van or will the sheriff provide this? You would need to provide your own passenger van for transportation.
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