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Ducks Unlimited, Inc., the Nation's leader in wetland conservation, is seeking bids for the Apache Falgout Canal Terraces project.  We are having a MANDATORY pre-bid meeting and site showing to interested contractors from our bidders list at 11:00AM on Tuesday, November 1, 2022.  We will meet at the boat launch and daily operation area for the project site near the Falgout Marina.  Please see the attached Sheet 3 of the plans.  Ducks Unlimited will escort interested contractors to the site.  Please bring your own personal flotation device and shallow draft vessel.  Airboats are allowed.
The work on this project consists of constructing and planting 114,640 LF of marsh terraces and recapping/repairing 2,197 LF of levee using on site earthen material.  This work shall also include performing the necessary items outlined in the plans and specifications and associated with constructing the project according to the plans.  Contract completion time is 560 calendar days.

Additional Notes/Requirements
Bids shall only be accepted from Prime Contractors on DU’s prequalified contractor bidder’s list and with the necessary License Classifications required by the State Contracting Board to perform work outlined in the plans and technical specifications. It shall be the responsibility of the Prime Contractor to assure that he and all subcontractors comply with all state contracting laws. Bids must be accompanied by a 5% bid bond. If the bids are awarded, the successful bidder must submit a 100% performance and payment bond along with proper insurance and evidence of workmen’s compensation.
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