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Blue Granite Water Company (BGWC), a water and wastewater provider to South Carolina residents for nearly 50 years, is seeking quotations for a contractor who has demonstrated abilities to perform the Scope of Work within this solicitation.  The Contractor must currently be in the business of providing tank blasting, overcoating and general rehabiliation. The Lake Wylie water tank is a 200,000 gallon 135 foot 4-column elevated water tank (EWT) erected in 1972, located at 4609 Charlotte Hwy, Clover, SC. Remediation and coating requirements are outlined in the bid pakcage.

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26-Jun-2020 07:35:44 AM
Addendum 1 added and must be attached to final bid package. Additive alternative for sandblasting to bare metal and clarification of Line Item 3 in the Bid Schedule for "Containment".