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Louisiana > Lafourche Ambulance District #1
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Lafourche Ambulance District #1
17078 West Main Street
Cut Off, La 70345


         Lafourche Ambulance District #1 is now accepting bids on three (3) power cot loading device. Bid should include individual pricing for individual power cot loading device purchasing, with the option to purchase additional power cot loading devices. Pricing shall be good for 365 days.
Bid packets and specifications can be obtained by contacting Brady Daigle, Lafourche Ambulance District #1, (985) 632-7192.
Bids should be submitted to 17078 West Main St. Cut Off, LA 70345. In a sealed envelope plainly written on the outside in BOLD print (“Sealed Bid” “Power Cot Loading Device”).
Bids will be opened at 10:05 AM (CST) on Friday, September 7, 2018 at Lafourche Ambulance District #1, 17078 West Main Street, Cut Off, LA.  No bids will be accepted after 10:00 AM on Friday, September 7, 2018.
Bid packets are also available on line and electronic bids may also be submitted at WWW.Centralbidding.com
     Lafourche Ambulance District #1 reserves the right to reject any and all                                                                                   bids in accordance with the State Public Bid Laws.
Bid packet should include 2 pages total. 

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