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The Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office is soliciting competitive sealed proposals from qualified professional firms to provide laundry service and delivery service of owner supplied textiles to the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office Kitchen/Warehouse Central Plant Facility.  The physical address of that facility is 3000 Perdido Street, New Orleans, LA 70119.

The RFP is for a contract that will last one (1) year and have two (2) options for renewal.

Additional Notes/Requirements
Please note that the laundry service proposal is now being submitted for an emergency sixty (60) day proposal that is due on April 5, 2017 at 10:00:00 am, C.S.T.
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gkservices on 04-Feb-2016 2:18:43 PM CST
what is the turn around time needed when the bid starts. For example, if the soiled goods are picked up from your facility on a Monday, when do you need those items delivered back clean?
opcsomarygoodwin on 10-Feb-2016 10:19:20 AM CST
I would hope for a turnaround time of 2 days. What you picked up on Monday would come back on Wednesday, and what you picked up on Wednesday would be back for Friday.
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03-Apr-2017 12:38:05 PM CDT
There is now a new emergency proposal request for laundry services due 4/5/17.
29-Jan-2016 2:57:19 PM CST
prebid meeting sign in sheet posted
22-Jan-2016 2:31:13 PM CST
The complete RFP document has been loaded