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Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received at Itawamba Community College until 2:00 p.m., August 20, 2020 at which time proposals will be opened publicly in the Human Resource Conference Room, Administration Building, Fulton Campus. Physical proposals can be submitted at the Fulton Campus Human Resource Office while electronic proposals may be submitted through Central Bidding www.centralauctionhouse.com Proposals will be evaluated by committee. Anticipated date of selection is September 9, 2020 with the projection date for award, September 14, 2020. ICC reserves the right to alter the dates of selection and award as needed.
Special Note: Please check the College website www.iccms.edu for hours of operation.
Accepted proposals will be for the following:
RFP 3443 Onsite Campus Health Clinic
Proposal specifications may be obtained from: Human Resource Office, Itawamba Community College, 602 West Hill Street, Fulton, MS 38843; phone: 662-862-8460; email: tcsenter@iccms.edu or through Central Bidding at www.centralauctionhouse.com
The Board of Trustees reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals.

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