Materials for Parish Road Maintenance
Louisiana > Vermilion Parish Police Jury
Sealed Bid: 35495491
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The project will consist of furnishing the following:
1. Bituminous Surface Treatment Material
2. Surface Course Aggregates
3. Asphaltic Concrete Material
4. Cold Mix
5. Storm Drainage Pipe
6. Weed Control Chemicals
7. Mosiquito Control Chemicals
8. Motor Oil, Hydraulic Oil, and Grease
9. Tires and Tubes
10. Roadway Signs
11. Welding Rods
12. Wire Rope
13. Fill and Select Fill Material
14. Treated Timber and Treated Timber Piles
15. Front Loading All Plastic and Hybrid Bins
16. Gasoline and Diesel Fuel
17. Scrap Iron

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Bids must be submitted on bid form provided in specifications. Information must be printed, hand entered, scanned and attached as a document to submit an online bid for this project. To submit a bid bond electronically, front and back of bid bond must be scanned and submitted as a separate attachment to the online bid.
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Vermilion Parish Police Jury
100 North St Ste 200
Abbeville LA 70510
Sealed Bid For: Material For Parish Road Maintenance for the Vermilion Parish Police Jury
Bid Date and Time: Friday, December 13, 2013 @10:00 am
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