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The project scope consists of Drainage Improvements at three locations within the Army Aviation Support Facility located in Hammond Louisiana. The scope of work for Drainage Improvement Site #1 and Site #2 is as follows: The project will control erosion problems at two existing aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) containment ponds. Eroded material will be removed from the ponds and maintenance access ramps will be excavated. The existing impermeable geomembrane pond liner will be removed and replaced. The pond bottoms and side slopes will be protected from future erosion via cast-in-place reinforced concrete revetment. The proposed project will also provide a method of rainwater discharge at the two AFFF containment ponds. The ponds will drain via pipe under gravity flow to the adjacent stormwater drainage systems. A manual butterfly valve will be provided to prevent discharge of AFFF solution in the event of activation of the system. The project scope at Site #3 is as follows: Erosion problems will be addressed at the helipad drainage ditch. The east (helipad-side) slopes will be stabilized with erosion control blankets. Erosion at the existing culvert at the south end of the drainage ditch will also be improved via installation of geotextile fabric behind the existing rip-rap.

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