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Solicitation: 36430218
Listing Information/Advertisement
The Parish of St. Charles, hereby advertises bids for construction of Rehabilitation of Sunset Drainage Building Wall & Roof Panel Replacement as follows:
Owner: St. Charles Parish
Project Title: Sunset Drainage Building Rehabilitation
Project No.: P131001
Principal Work Location: The Contract Work will be located at Sunset Drainage Pump Station 198 Kerry's Point West, Bayou Gauche, LA 70030, off LA. Highway 306.
Description of Basic Work: The Contract Work is comprised of removal of old roof and siding panels and replacement with new metal roof and siding panels on the existing pump station. Remove Asbestos Transite Roof Material from roof of pump station. Vents on roof will be left in place and supported while roof is being removed. Roof material is under the housing frame of the vents on the roof. The vents will have to be jacked up to remove the roofing material under the support frame and the vents temporarily secured so the new roof material can be installed. Install new metal roofing material, wind resistant to 130 MPH. Remove Asbestos Transite Siding Material on the pump side of the building. Existing windows will remain in place on the pump side of the building. New siding will have to be fitted around engine exhausts and drive shafts to the pumps. New metal siding to be wind resistant to 130 MPH. Remove Asbestos Transite Siding on the remaining three sides of the pump station building. All existing windows and doors will remain in place. Install new metal siding on the remaining three sides of the pump station building. New metal siding to be wind resistant to 130 MPH. Contractor will adhere to Asbestos abatement specifications in accordance with applicable LDEQ and OSHA regulations, sufficient to perform proper removal of identified Transite walls and roofing materials. Construct Work in stages to accommodate the Owner's use of the premises during the construction period; coordinate the construction schedule and operations with the Engineer. Roofing material shall be abated and replaced to Engineers acceptance and approval before any other work shall commence. No roofing or siding shall be removed that cannot be replaced that results in interior of building being exposed to precipitation, excessive moisture, or environment that may be detrimental to electrical or mechanical equipment within building. All construction schedules must be submitted to Engineer and approved before any work commences. Construct the Work in stages to provide for public convenience. Do not close off use of facilities until completion of one stage of construction will provide alternative usage.
Bids: Separate sealed Bids will be received by the ST. CHARLES PARISH COUNCIL, Parish of St. Charles, P.O. Box 302, 15045 River Road, Court House, (additional location for delivery of bid will be provided at the time the ad for bid is issued) Hahnville, Louisiana, 70057, either by registered or certified mail with return receipt requested, or hand delivered, or electronically submitted at www.centralbidding.com, no later than 10:00 a.m. local time on September 2,
2014. Promptly thereafter, the bids will be publicly opened and read aloud in the Council Chambers of the St. Charles Parish Court House. The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all Bids in accordance with the Public Bid Law, and to disregard all nonconforming, nonresponsive, unbalanced or conditional Bids.
Bidding Documents: The Bidding Documents (Contract Documents, Specifications and Drawings) are available to Contractors who are properly licensed in Louisiana or to bona fide suppliers of materials and equipment for purchase and/or review at the office of the Engineer for the contract, Aims Group, Inc. 4421 Zenith Street Metairie, Louisiana.
A payment of $125.00 in cash or check payable to the Engineer will be required for each complete set of the Bidding Documents. This payment is refundable as provided in the
La. R.S. 38:2212(A)(e).
Pre-Bid Conference: A Pre-Bid Conference to discuss the scope of the project and the requirements of the Bidding and Contract Documents will be held on August 21, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. the St. Charles Parish Department of Public Works and Wastewater, 100 River Oaks Dr., Destrehan, Louisiana. Attendance of the Pre-Bid Conference is Mandatory.
Each bidder must deposit with his/her bid, security in the amount equal to five percent (5%) of the total bid in the form of a certified check, cashier?s check or bid bond. If the bid is submitted electronically and a certified or cashier?s check is used for bid bond, then the actual check shall be delivered to the St. Charles Parish Council Office, St. Charles Parish Courthouse, 15045 River Road, Hahnville, Louisiana, 70057. Electronic bids shall contain all the same documents that are required in a physically delivered bid.
The outside of the bid envelope must contain the submitting firm's name, Louisiana Contractors License Number, the Project Number, and the Project Title.
St. Charles Parish is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We encourage all small and minority-owned firms and women?s business enterprises to participate in this solicitation.
Any person with disabilities requiring special accommodations must contact the St. Charles Parish Council Office at 985-783-5000 no later than seven (7) days prior to bid opening.
St. Charles Parish Council
V. J. St. Pierre, Jr., Parish President
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