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Sealed bids will be received on October 9th, 2020, by the Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District (BLFWD) Offices in Thibodaux, LA located 1016 St. Mary Street until 10:00 A.M as shown on the BLFWD Office Clock, and BLFWD shall at that time and place publicly open the bids and read them aloud.
Bid documents are posted on lafourche-fresh-water-district.html. To view these, download, and receive bid notices by e-mail, you must register with Central Auction House (CAH). Vendors/Contractors have the option to submit their bids electronically or by paper copy. For information about the electronic submittal process, contact Ted Fleming with Central Auction House at 1-866-570-9620.
Each bid shall be either hand delivered by the bidder or his agent, or such bid shall be sent by United States Postal Service registered or certified mail with a return receipt requested, or shall be submitted electronically with Central Auction House (CAH). Bids shall not be accepted or taken, including receiving any hand delivered bids, on days which are recognized as holidays by the United States Postal Service. 
The mailing address for bids is: BLFWD Offices
1016 St. Mary Street Thibodaux, Louisiana 70301 
No bid received after the scheduled time for opening will be considered. Failure of the U.S. Mail to deliver the bids timely shall not be considered due cause for the scheduled time of the bid opening to be extended.
PROJECT NAME:               Thibodaux Weir RemovalMississippi River Reintroduction Into Bayou Lafourche
PROJECT DESCRIPTION:            Demolition of the Thibodaux Weir including removing concrete caps on steel sheet piles; cutting of steel sheet piles; removal of steel sheet piles by vibratory methods; removing structural concrete; removal and reuse of existing rock rip-rap; sitework including removal of existing trees, removal and replacement of concrete sidewalk, parking area, etc. according to design specifications and plans 
Bids must be submitted on the Louisiana Uniform Public Works Bid Form furnished with the Bidding Documents. A single set of Bidding Documents shall be issued at the cost of reproduction to contractors who are licensed by the Licensing Board of Contractors.
This Project shall require a Louisiana Contractors license number for either Heavy Construction.

Bidding Documents for this Project are on file in the DDG’s office, 314 E. Bayou Road, in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Please contact Heather Klingman (985-447-0090) for any clarification or information with regard to the specifications.
A Non-mandatory Pre-Bid Conference will be held on September 22, 2020 at 10:00 AM at the office of the Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District, located at 1016 St. Mary Street in Thibodaux, Louisiana 70301. A non-mandatory site visit will follow the pre-bid conference.
The Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District reserves the right to reject any and all bids in accordance with Louisiana State Bid Law.

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