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Louisiana > Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office
RFP: 37240917
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The Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office requests proposals from qualified individuals and firms with experience in providing an automated Case Management Software System. 
The successful responder shall provide all software, system engineering, training manuals, training aids, materials maintenance, maintenance manuals, labor, and all things necessary to provide, install, implement, interface, and maintain the software to operate an automated Case Management Software System that enables users to manage information and perform all of the comprehensive activities delineated in this RFP.

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TylerTechCJ on 22-Dec-2022 10:04:24 AM CST
Please confirm the Case Mgmt System Functional Requirements spreadsheet is a total of two tabs (Introduction, Case Management) and a total of 25 requirements.
ShotSpotter on 11-Jan-2023 3:32:05 PM CST
1. For reference purposes, please confirm the RFP number that vendors should use when submitting their response: #342852, #37240917 (as provided on the website) or #147248 (as provided on the Proposal Acknowledgement form). 2. The Proposal Acknowledgement form requires vendors to acknowledge “pages 2 through 65,” however there are only 11 pages in the Case Management RFP Bid Package document. Please confirm the page count. 3. Does the Parish require an original/wet signature on the Proposal Acknowledgement form? 4. The OPSO RFP identifies the need for data migration from the legacy AS/400 system. Please provide the following information to better assess the legacy data for migration: • Number of Case Management records • Number of related records (e.g. Names, Locations, etc.) associated with case records • Number of data elements within each record type • Total number of records • Total number of data tables and columns per record type • Number of case records per year • Do these records contain digital media or attachments? • Can the OPSO provide an Entity Relational Diagram (ERD) and/or Data Dictionary?
All updates/changes are listed below::
17-Nov-2023 4:09:37 PM CST
Evaluation, Committee Agenda, and Final criteria and ranking with award of CMS Software
22-Apr-2023 12:42:18 PM CDT
submissions list is posted and proposals have been submitted to the RFP committee for evaluation; thank you for your time, your expertise, and your patience
31-Mar-2023 11:51:46 AM CDT
addendum #4 changing deadline to 4/18/23 at 10:00:00 hours added
27-Mar-2023 1:32:41 PM CDT
addendum #3 added extending deadline until 10:00:00 CST Tuesday, May 16, 2023
24-Feb-2023 4:41:17 PM CST
questions have been answered and uploaded as a word document.
17-Feb-2023 7:19:04 PM CST
addendum #2 added extending deadline until 10:00:00 CST Tuesday, March 28, 2023
04-Jan-2023 3:25:51 PM CST
addendum #1 added extending deadline until 10:00:00 CST Thursday, March 2, 2023
20-Dec-2022 2:14:02 PM CST
all forms and packets have been added-Good Luck!