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Teacher Macbooks
Hinds County School District
The Hinds County School District is soliciting bids for Macbooks. HCSD is considering the purchase of up to 220 13” MacBook Air laptops. Device warranties and other related items may also be considered. It is the intent of Hinds County School District to purchase new products. Proposals will only be considered valid if the quoted items are in new, unused condition. Additionally, HCSD desires to purchase the latest version of the specified products.
Bids/Proposals will be received by the Hinds County School Board of Education, 13192 Highway 18, Raymond, MS 39154 or electronically, at www.centralbidding.com, until 8:00am July 5, 2023. Neither dating of the bid, nor placing it in the mail by this date will meet legal requirements. All bids/proposals must be received at the Board of Education or electronically at www.centralbidding.com on or before July 5, 2023. The Hinds County School Board of
Education reserves the right to reject any and/or all unpriced proposals received and to waive any and all informalities.
If submitting a paper bid, it shall be typed and any changes that are made must be initialed. No changes shall be allowed after the bids are opened. The Hinds County School District shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions. Bids may be hand delivered, mailed, or submitted
electronically. Paper bids must be submitted in a sealed 8” X 10” or larger envelope. Please label outside envelope or shipping box as follows or the bid may be rejected:
Attn: Dr. Cynthia Wallace
RFP- Teacher Macbooks
 RFP Number- 23-006
July 5, 2023 by 8:00am

Name of company or person submitting bid Envelopes not so marked will not be considered.
Bids will be opened at 8:00 am July 6, 2023 at 13192 Highway 18, Raymond, MS 39154.

Published by order of the Hinds County School District
Dr. Cynthia Wallace
Director of Technology
Hinds County School District

Additional Notes/Requirements
Question was posed about reverse auction: Thank for pointing that out. I thought I had removed all the reverse auction statements. No, there will be no reverse auction. Bid will be awarded to the proposal that best meets the needs of the district. Thanks! Also, if you provide white glove services such as casing, asset tagging, etc..please include that. Thanks
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