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Washington Parish Government (Parish) is soliciting qualifications for a qualified engineering firm to perform “Architectural & Engineering” Design for our Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. The selected firm will provide professional services to prepare a site specific evaluation to determine the most feasible and cost effective type of shutter system needed on all buildings located at specific locations listed in the bid specification packet. The agreement will be on a lump sum, fixed price basis (or cost reimbursement “not to exceed” basis), with payment terms to be negotiated with the selected firm.

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vergesrome on 02-Mar-2011 2:31:47 PM CST
We are a professional architectural firm with specific project experience as detailed in this RFQ. Will we be permitted to submit our qualifications?
WPGBB on 03-Mar-2011 10:16:05 AM CST
You are permitted to submit your information as per the rfq.
MeyerEngineers on 09-Mar-2011 3:20:18 PM CST
Who should the cover letter be addressed to?
WPGBB on 10-Mar-2011 8:37:45 AM CST
Washington Parish Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness Thomas Thiebaud
MeyerEngineers on 14-Mar-2011 2:48:17 PM CDT
In regards to Item E "References", it is asking for firms experience, qualifications & particular expertise for this type of project, the information that you are requesting is it based ONLY on work of the firm for the three (3) parishes listed?
WPGBB on 14-Mar-2011 2:56:36 PM CDT
No, but you should show any history working with government agencies in the 3 parish region (Washington, St. Tammany & Tangipahoa) listing references.
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