Flood Protection Embankment and Improvements to the Drainage Pumping Station for the Airport Subdivision (Pine Street)
Louisiana > Vermilion Parish Police Jury
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The work shall consist of excavation, borrow, and embankment in-place; installation of 440-linear feet of pvc sheet piling flood-wall; furnishing and installing one (1) 30-inch, 20,000-gpm storm lift pump at 14' tdh and 125-hp motor and wet-well with generator package; approximately 800-linear feet of roadway improvements along with associated drainage improvements, and appurtenant work.

A non-mandatory pre-bid conference will be held on Wednesday, February 6, 2013, at 10:00 A.M., at the stormwater pump station south of Cypress Street.

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Bids must be submitted on bid form provided in specifications. Information must be printed, hand entered, scanned and attached as a document to submit an online bid for this project. To submit a bid bond electronically, front and back of bid bond must be scanned and submitted as a separate attachment to the online bid.
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Gilchrist Construction Company, LLC
5709 New York Avenue
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HMGP #1603N-113-00100
Flood Protection Embankment and Improvements
to Drainage Pumping Station for Airport Subdivision (Pine Street)
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