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The Morgan City Harbor and Terminal District (“MCHTD”) is soliciting proposals from qualified contractors for maintenance of equipment and systems owned by the MCHTD related to two meteorological stations (MET Stations), both located along the Atchafalaya River Channel in the river delta. The selected vendor will respond to the MCHTD on a 24/7 basis for support of those systems through emergency repairs and ensure that all equipment is in working order and communicating information to NOAA PORTS®.
The work consists generally of furnishing all labor, materials, appliances, tools, equipment, services, and supervision required to perform preventative maintenance, testing, troubleshooting, repairing or replacing, as necessary, and maintaining an on-site spare parts inventory for the MET Stations located in the delta of the Atchafalaya River, specifically at the following locations:
Station 1 Eugene Island Coordinates (N 29° 22’ 23.10”  W 91° 23’ 02.04”)
Station 2 Eugene Island Bar Channel (N 29° 19’ 05.09”  W 91° 25’ 47.16”) 

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