2019 CDBG, Parmida LED Technologies Distribution Facility Renovation, In House Project No. 64-19 Attachment: 64-19 Parmida LED Technologies Construction Plans.pdf 
Mississippi > Sunflower County
Sealed Bid: 40576270
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                                                  ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS
Separate sealed Bids will be received by the Sunflower County,  2019 CDBG, Parmida LED Technologies Distribution Facility Renovation, Project 64-19  at   10:00, A.M. o’clock, on Monday, October 19, 2020 at  Sunflower County, 200 Main Street, P.O. Box 988, Indianola, MS 38751,  at which time and place bids will be opened and read aloud.
The Notice and Instruction to Bidders, Form of Bid, Form of Contract, Plans and Specifications, Form of Bid Bond, Performance and Payment Bond, and other Contract Documents are on file and open to public inspection at the following addresses:
Sunflower County Courthouse, 200 Main Street, Indianola, MS 38751
Copies may be obtained from the office of Gardner Engineering, P.A., at the following location upon payment of $100.00, none of which is refundable.
                                                       Gardner Engineering, P.A.
                                                                 P. O. Drawer A
                                                               216 Second Street
                                                            Indianola, MS 38751
                                                          Telephone 662-887-1862
If the Contractor elects to submit bids electronically, official Bid Documents can be downloaded at www.centralbidding.com. Electronic Bids can be submitted at www.centralbidding.com. For any questions regarding the electronic bidding process, please contact Central Bidding at 225-810-4814.
The Owner reserves the right to waive any informalities or to reject any and all bids.
Each bidder must deposit with his bid, security in the amount, for and subject to the conditions provided in the Notice and Instructions to Bidders.
All bids submitted in excess of $50,000 by a prime or subcontractor to do erection, building, construction, repair, maintenance, or related work, on public projects must comply with Section 31-3-21, Mississippi Code of 1972, must have a “Certificate of Responsibility” license.  Where applicable, the foregoing certificate number and license number must be indicated on the exterior of the sealed bid envelope before it can be opened.
Certification of Non-segregated Facilities: The Contractor must complete the Certification of Non-segregated Facilities included in the specifications.

The principal items of work under are:         
Construction of 4,500 S.F. of New Office Space
Renovation and Replacement of Fire Protection System (100,000 S.F.)
Renovation and Replacement of Electrical and Lighting System (100,000 S.F.)
Roof Repair
Construction of New Warehouse Shelving System                      
BY:      /s/   Dr. Gloria McIntosh                                                                                                                           
                   Chancery Clerk / County Administrator
DATE:            September 14, 2020                               
PLEASE PUBLISH:      September 17, 2020      and     September 24, 2020           
DR. GLORIA MCINTOSH             AND               RONALD W. CASSADA, P.E., P.L.S.
SUNFLOWER COUNTY                                     GARDNER ENGINEERING. P.A.
CHANCERY CLERK                                           P.O. DRAWER A
P.O. Box 988                                                       INDIANOLA, MS 38751

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