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The purpose of this RFP is provide weight equipment for the Jena High School Field House.

Additional Notes/Requirements
The District requests 10 Double Full Racks at a depth of 139”, width of 47” and a height of at least100”. These racks must be equipped with the following features: ? 4-Way Hole Design ? Unlimited weight storage design ? 3” x 3” Welded Rack Sides ? 11 Gauge Steel ? 1” Bolt Fasteners ? J-Cup (2 Pairs) ? Safety Strap System (2 Pairs) ? Single Chin Bars (3) ? Single Bar Storage (2) ? Weight Storage Pins (10) ? Custom Logo Options The District requests 20 Pair of Multipurpose Adjustable Jammer Arm Attachments measuring 50” in length, 3” in width, 3” in height, and made from 11 gauge steel. These attachments need to include: ? Handles (1 per arm) ? Upper and lower body movement capabilities ? Rack mounted sliding attachment point The District requests 8 Bridge Attachments measuring 6’ in length, 3” in width, and 3” in height and made from 11 gauge steel. These attachments need to include: ? 4-Way Hole Design ? ½ Thick Steel Bridge Ear Connections ? Custom Color Options The District requests 20 Adjustable Benches measuring 53” in length, 29” in width, and 18” in height. This equipment must include: ? 5 Adjustable Angles ? Stand Vertical for Compact Storage Options ? Urethane Wheels ? Rubber Feet ? Naugahyde Leather Upholstery The District requests 20 Olympic Weight Lifting Bars built in international weightlifting specifications to include: ? Semi-Aggressive Medium Knurling ? Available in Black Zinc or Bright Zinc ? Bronze Bushings ? Logo Options
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