Comprehensive Literacy/Math Assessment Program wth Real-Time Diagnostic Individualized Guidance, and Reports for Making Effective Instructional Decisions
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The Itawamba County School Board is seeking the submission of proposals from qualified professionals in the Office of the Superintendent of Education, Itawamba County School District, 605 S Cummings Street., Fulton, MS until 1:00 PM on Thursday,  August 10, 2023 for the following service:

The district is requesting proposals/quotes for a comprehensive literacy/math diagnostic, intervention, and supplemental program that can be used to quickly screen for students who may need interventions.  The product should also include real-time diagnostic results that can be used both as a daily instructional diagnostic and benchmark assessment.  It should contain a comprehensive, adaptive K-12 curriculum with custom-built interactive alignments to the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards and ACT. Specifications are on file in the Office of the Superintendent of Education, Itawamba County School District and may be obtained by telephone at 662-862-2159 or in writing at 605 S Cummings St. Fulton, MS  38843.

The Board reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals and to waive any formalities.

Official Bid Documents are available at Central Bidding (  Electronic Bids may be submitted at Central Bidding (  For questions related to the electronic bidding process, please call Central Bidding at 225-810-4814.
Wonda Cromeans, Chairman
Itawamba County Board of Education
July 26, 2023 and August 2, 2023

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