Highway 49 Landscape Improvements for Forrest County Attachment: Hwy 49 Final Specs.pdf 
Mississippi > Forrest County
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The work shall consist essentially of the following items:
Landscaping and retaining wall other related items of work required to complete the project as shown and specified in the Contract Documents.  The above general outline of features of the work does not in any way limit the responsibility of the contractor to perform all work and furnish all plant, labor, equipment and materials required by the specifications and the drawings referred to therein.

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Rotolo on 15-Oct-2018 02:05:15 PM
It appears that the plans file is corrupted. I have saved to my computer but then get a notification that file cannot be opened due to possible corruption. I have tried opening straight from website and get the same message.
Rotolo on 15-Oct-2018 02:15:24 PM
Please disregard previous message. Problem resolved.
Rotolo on 01-Nov-2018 04:47:47 PM
The Advertisement for Bids in addendum 1 states that the bid time is 10:00am on November 2, 2018. The bid time on Central Bidding is listed as 2:00pm. Please clarify.
All updates/changes are listed below::
01-Nov-2018 04:58:48 PM
Online listing was posted incorrect and has been updated to reflect the correct time as noted in the advertisement of 11/2 at 10:00 am.
12-Oct-2018 12:52:48 PM