Lakeshore Dr. Complete Street Reconfiguration (Lake Marina Dr. to Canal Blvd.) Attachment: O2440146 - Lakeshore CSR Stamped Specs.pdf 
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Lakeshore Drive Complete Streets Reconfiguration
(Lake Marina Dr. to Canal Blvd)
New Orleans, LA

The project titled “Lakeshore Drive Complete Streets Reconfiguration” is located along Lakeshore Drive (between West End and Canal Blvd.). It involves asphalt mill & overlay; reconfiguration of Lakeshore Drive to include a two-way bike lane, center turn lane / median with upgraded pedestrian crosswalks; installation of pedestrian flashing beacons and double arm blue light poles, electrical work including installation of electrical conduits and electrical hand boxes, connections, directional drilling, excavation and backfill, replacement of brick and concrete pavement, debris disposal, and traffic control.

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wallacecdrennan on 13-Nov-2020 08:17:05 AM
I can not print the specs on this project. It will allow me to download them but they will not print.
FPARH on 13-Nov-2020 10:58:11 AM
The specifications have been reuploaded and you should be able to print them now. Sorry about that.
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