TerreBonne Parish School District - Houma Junior High Roofing Repairs and Replacement
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Electronic bids will be received for the Terrebonne Parish School District; 201 Stadium Drive; Houma, LA  70360 until 2:00 P.M. Central Time on Thursday, October 20, 2022.
Houma Junior High School
Hurricane Ida Damages – Roofing Repairs and Replacement
315 St. Charles Street
Houma, LA  70360
Pursuant to R.S. 38:2212 (E), the Terrebonne Parish School Board has partnered with Central Bidding to distribute bid/proposal  solicitations, collect responses, and/or allow contractors and vendors the ability to respond through a uniform and secure electronic  interactive bidding/proposal system. Official bid/RFP documents can be downloaded from Central Bidding at  www.centralbidding.com.  Electronic bids and or RFPs shall be submitted at www.centralbidding.com at no charge.  Bidders  need  to  contact Central Bidding if they have any questions or issues relating to the electronic bidding/proposal process at (225) 810-4814.  There maybe fees for downloading bid/proposaldocuments that are charged by Central Bidding. Where applicable, and in all construction projects, an electronic bid/proposal bond is also required and must be furnished. Failure of the bidder/proposer to upload their bid/proposal to Central Bidding is not the responsibility of Terrebonne Parish School District. Printed copies of the bid are not
available from the Architect or Owner.
Questions about this procedure shall be directed to the Designer at:
                              VergesRome Architects
                              320 N. Carrollton Ave., Suite 100
                              New Orleans, LA  70119
                              Attn:  Rick Fenner, AIA (rick@vergesrome.com)
All bids shall be accompanied by an electronic bid security in an amount of five percent (5.0%) of the sum of the base bid and all alternates. The form of this security shall be as stated in the Instructions to Bidders included in the Bid Documents for this project.

The successful Bidder shall be required to furnish a Performance and Payment Bond written as described in the Instructions to Bidders included in the Bid Documents for this project.
               at 10:00am on Thursday, October 6, 2022 at the Project Site.            
Bids shall be accepted from Contractors who are licensed under LA. R.S. 37:2150-2192 for the classification of Building Construction. Bidder is required to comply with provisions and requirements of LA R.S. 38:2212(B)(5). No bid may be withdrawn for a period of forty-five (45) days after receipt of bids, except under the provisions of LA. R.S. 38:2214.

The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids for just cause. In accordance with La. R.S. 38:2212(B)(1), the provisions and requirements of this Section; and those stated in the bidding documents shall not be waived by any entity.

When this project is financed either partially or entirely with State Bonds or financed in whole or in part by federal or other funds which are not readily available at the time bids are received, the award of this Contract is contingent upon the granting of lines of credit, or the sale of bonds by the Bond Commission or the availability of federal or other funds. The Owner shall incur no obligation to the Contractor until the Contract Between Owner and Contractor is fully executed.

Terrebonne Parish School District
Gregory Harding, Board President
Advertising Dates:             Wednesday, September 21, 2022
                                             Wednesday, September 28, 2022
                                             Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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