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The MCSD is requesting proposals for the development of a system-wide video surveillance solution applicable to district facilities. This solution shall be used to monitor movement in and around all buildings and/or surrounding properties.  

The system shall be used to support the District crisis management plan and may be used in concert with other entities outside of the District such as police, fire and other first responders. 

Interested bidders should evaluate the current core infrastructure environment to provide a solution that is optimized to run on the network currently in place while keeping in mind district plans for future upgrades and expansions of the network and this system. Further specifications and requirements are outlined in more detail throughout this document.

The district will accept sealed bids until August 4, 2023, at 3:00 p.m.  Bids will be opened and recorded on August 7, 2023.  Bids/Proposals must be submitted based for the total cost of the project per campus.  One for Hatley, one for Hamilton, and one for Smithville.  

Bids must be mailed to PO Box 209 Amory, MS 38821, or delivered to 1619 Hwy 25 North Amory, MS 38821.  

Bids should be clearly marked: MCSD 2023 Security Camera Project.
The district contact for this project will be:

Kevin Threadgill
Assistant Superintendent

[email protected]
The preferred form of contact for all inquiries pertaining to the project is in writing to the above email.

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All updates/changes are listed below::
18-Jul-2023 4:23:44 PM CDT
Storage/Management -- The following will be removed fro the RFP --- (Full integration with the Video Insght Management System)
18-Jul-2023 4:22:12 PM CDT
Cameras --- The following is being removed from the RFP --- (All Cameras will support FIPS 104-2 Level 3 Security)
18-Jul-2023 4:21:09 PM CDT
Cameras --- The following is being removed from the RFP (All Cameras will support FIPS 104-2 Level 3 Security)