Dry Goods Bid #143520
Louisiana > Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office
Sealed Bid: 48119815
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Commodity:  Dry Goods, Office Supplies, and Janitorial Products
Duration of Contract:  February to July of 2016 with one option to renew

Creator Username: opcsomarygoodwin
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Started: 15-Jan-2016 1:00:00 AM CST
Ends: 29-Jan-2016 10:00:00 AM CST ( Expired )
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charmtex on 19-Jan-2016 10:11:39 AM CST
Can you please advise who was awarded these items before and at what price>? Thank you.
opcsomarygoodwin on 19-Jan-2016 11:05:24 AM CST
you can access all of that information by accessing my bids that I post. I actually scan the bid and the winning awards online. Please look for our last bid: dry goods bid #123019.
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10-Feb-2016 9:07:58 AM CST
4 bids submitted electronically scanned and posted for viewing
04-Feb-2016 4:55:27 PM CST
notarized copy of advertisement, bid grid, and final bid award scanned and posted
29-Jan-2016 3:14:38 PM CST
bid sheet and all bid submittals scanned and posted to bid #143520
15-Jan-2016 11:23:10 AM CST
bid information uploaded
15-Jan-2016 11:22:35 AM CST
bid information uploaded