P150801-2 Ama Drainage Improvements Attachment: Ama Drainage Improvements P150801-2 Plans 2020.04.16.pdf 
Louisiana > St. Charles Parish Government
Sealed Bid: 48352260
Listing Information/Advertisement
Project mostly entails building and addition to an existing pump station, rebuilding a retianing wall and lining 2 pump discharge lines.

Bids must be submitted on documents enclosed.

Please read the advertisment for information about Pre-bid and COViD-19 requirements.

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13-Sep-2020 09:06:33 PM
Addendum #3 added 2week extension due to Hurricane Sally
10-Sep-2020 10:14:30 AM
Addendum #2 added
09-Sep-2020 03:42:02 PM
Addendum #1 added