Berwick Elementary School Cafeteria Attachment: bes pre-bid.pdf 
St. Mary Parish School Board
Sealed Bid: 48497485
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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project consists of the construction of a new freestanding cafeteria and kitchen building and the demolition of the existing structure. Alternate bids are included for Kitchen Equipment, construction of a new corridor between two adjacent existing classroom wings, and for additional concrete parking.

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Started: 13-Mar-2010 10:29:21 AM
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MHBI on 18-Mar-2010 08:35:06 AM
We received notification that there was change. Only the advertisement is posted and it is now encrypted. Please advise further.
tpgray50 on 18-Mar-2010 11:23:54 AM
When is Pre-bid - is it mandatory?
cpbaia on 19-Mar-2010 03:07:39 PM
To MHBI: The change was that this public message board option was added. The Advertisement is a word document, possibly why you cannot open it. To tpgray50: The pre-bid memo was just added, it will be Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 3:15, it is not mandatory.
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