RFQ for Engineering Services for the Water Sector Program for Iberia Parish Waterworks District No. 3
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The Iberia Parish Government is interested in procuring an engineering firm to provide professional services to fully define the improvements needed for upgrades to the water system owned and operated by the Waterworks District No. 3 of Iberia Parish (Coteau Water District), prepare an application for funding under the Water Sector Program, and if funded, provide the engineering design services, surveying, permitting, construction administration and inspection services, along with related engineering services for this project.
The procedures for the selection of this firm will be in accordance with the procurement procedures of the Iberia Parish Government.  All responses received will be evaluated in accordance with the selection criteria and corresponding point system that is identified in the Request for Qualification Statements for the Engineering Services package.  The package also identifies the scope of services to be performed by the selected firm.  The Parish Government will award a contract to the respondent obtaining the highest score in the evaluation process for this project as described in the RFQ package.
Interested parties are invited to secure a package from Mr. Michael Broussard at  mbroussard@iberiagov.net or at the Iberia Parish Government Office, Iberia Parish Courthouse, 300 Iberia Street, Suite 400, New Iberia, Louisiana 70560.  The response to this request must be hand-delivered to the above-named person at the Iberia Parish Government address above or mailed to the above named person at Iberia Parish Government address above in such a manner that it is received no later than noon on August 17, 2022.  The Iberia Parish Government is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages all small firms, minority-owned firms, women’s business enterprises and Section 3 businesses to apply.

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