Laverne Subdivision Sewer System Construction FY 2014 LCDBG Program Attachment: Specifications.pdf 
Allen Parish Police Jury
Solicitation: 49559980
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MAJOR ITEMS OF WORK:?????Install approximately 4,000 linear feet of new 8? gravity sewer main with associated manholes, appurtenances, and fittings; abandon qualifying residents? existing septic tanks and connect the residents? homes to the new gravity sewer system;? construction of a duplex lift station and 1,900 linear feet of 4? force main to convey the sewage to the town of Elton?s Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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Bid for:  Laverne Subdivision Sewer System Construction (FY 2014 LDCBG Program)
to: Allen Parish Police Jury, c/o Meyer, Meyer, LaCroix & Hixson
from: E.B. Feucht & Sons, LLC, 3974 Highway 190, Eunice, LA 70535
Contractor's LA License #5173
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