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The Oxford City School District is requesting written proposals from potential sources to provide a kindergarten through second grade phonics program that would ensure our students receive a strong foundation in reading and writing and, therefore, become fluent readers who are able to master the Mississippi College and Career Readiness standards.

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Goodale on 09-May-2022 9:16:44 AM CDT
Hello! Can you verify your 2nd grade enrollment numbers? Per the bid packet: Second Grade- 445 students with 9 teachers. That's an average of 49 students per classroom. Just trying to make sure our fee proposal is accurate for you all. Thank you!
OSDMAW on 11-May-2022 1:14:21 PM CDT
The numbers are correct. Students either have a Math or ELA teacher for "homeroom" and they have a switch class, so 9 teachers are seeing all of those students.
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13-May-2022 8:02:42 AM CDT
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