22-MAY-1801 Ballistic Helmets and Headsets
Louisiana > Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
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Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
Sealed bids will be received until the hour of 10:00 a.m. Wednesday May 18, 2022 at the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Administrative Complex, 1233 Westbank Expressway, Harvey, La.  4th floor, room 411. Bid will be opened at 10:00 a.m., Wednesday May 18, 2022 and read aloud for:
Ballistic Helmets and Headsets
Detailed list of specifications is available at the above address.  The Sheriff, Parish of Jefferson, reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids in whole or in part and waive formalities.
                                                                                                                JOSEPH LOPINTO III, SHERIFF
                                                                                                                PARISH OF JEFFERSON, LA.
Bid # 22-MAY-1801
ADV:  The New Orleans Advocate
April 27, May 4 and May 11, 2022                

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Safariland2022 on 28-Apr-2022 02:14:27 PM
Good Afternoon! I am trying to access this bid but the system is asking me to pay at least $49.99 to view. Is there anywhere I can access the specs at no charge? Thank you so much!
JPSOBids on 28-Apr-2022 02:27:30 PM
Yes...You can visit jpso.com and look for the Public Bids section to download our bids.
JPSOBids on 28-Apr-2022 02:37:56 PM
Feel free to email us with any additional questions at purchasing@jpso.com
Safariland2022 on 28-Apr-2022 02:58:47 PM
Thank you so much! I will go there now.
salesusiq on 16-May-2022 03:38:11 PM
I do not see the bid submission amendment document listed above "Bid Instructions - Materials and Supplies (Rev. 5-2022).doc on the JPSO.com site. I only see Rev. 3 Is it possible that the system has not updated? or can you provide the latest version on this site?
JPSOBids on 17-May-2022 07:48:38 AM
It is updated on here as rear as I can see. I will updated JPSO.com today. The only change was to the check list, I removed the line regarding the Louisiana Preference which is no longer in the bid documents.
JPSOBids on 17-May-2022 08:01:48 AM
Both JPSO.com and Central Auction have the updated information.
All updates/changes are listed below::
16-May-2022 09:47:32 AM
Please note updated bid instruction forms without LA Preference Info