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The selected Consultant shall perform engineering and related services to design, to a level of 30% design/preliminary design, a new connector tollway between LA-1 at or near Beaulieu Lane and I-10 at the LA-415 interchange in West Baton Rouge Parish (the “Project”). The Project includes a flyover bridge interchange at LA-1, associated roadway and drainage design, bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway and connection to LA-415 south of I-10.
All plans will be developed such that an electronic file can be provided to the Owner and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (the “LADOTD”) in a Microstation Inroads format that meets the requirements of CADconform. The Consultant will develop a Design Criteria for approval by the Owner and LADOTD after receiving the Notice-to-Proceed. The approved criteria will serve as the basis of the design for the remainder of the Project.
The Consultant shall review the preferred alignment for improved efficiency and operation and make recommendations for any revisions to the client as part of the plan development process. The preferred alignment is Alternate #4 as indicated in the Final Line and Grade Study dated August 2006 completed under State Project 700-61-0113 (the “Line and Grade Study”).
Consultant shall coordinate traffic control plans and connections to LA-1 and LA-415 with the LADOTD.
It is expected that the entire Project will be let by the Authority in three phases. Phase I, which is being let pursuant to the terms of this RFQ, will be funded by the Authority and encompasses 30% design/preliminary design. Phases II and III, will include detailed design and construction of the Project and will be privately funded by the firm selected to complete Phases II and III.

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